Michelin #737 - Greece

Michelin #737 - Greece Travel Map

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Michelin National Map

In 1895, with the automobile revolution just beginning, the Michelin brothers patented their first car tire. Recognizing a need for practical, useful information for this first intrepid wave of auto tourists, they wrote the first Michelin Guide in 1900. By 1915, Michelin had become the standard for travel by car in Europe.

Today, Michelin produces over a hundred maps for destinations throughout Europe and beyond, including 1:400,000 scale breakdowns of major European countries.

More than just a road map, Michelin labels major sites and places of interest and all Michelin Green Guides cross-reference the Michelin maps for easy, stress-free touring.

With Michelin maps, you always know where you are!

Map #737 is a one-sided folded map of the mainland and the Greek Islands. It includes an index of place names. The names on the map are presented in both Greek characters and their Roman letter transcriptions. The map legend is presented in several languages, one of which is English.

Scale 1:700,000 (1 cm = 7 km)

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ISBN: 9782067172012