Michelin #21 - Venice Italy City Map

Michelin #21 - Venice Italy City Map Travel Map

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Michelin Venice City Map

The Michelin Venice street map has on one side the city itself with the whole of Giudecca, and on the reverse side maps of Murano and the central part of the Lido, plus a road map showing access to the city and the area around Mestre including the Marco Polo airport.

On one side is a street map at a scale of 1:5,500 covering the city with the parking facilities at Tronchetto, the whole of Giudecca, San Gorgio Maggiore and the cemetery at San Michele. The map highlights the city's famous buildings and various institutions. Vaporetto piers are marked but without names of the stops and the routes themselves are not shown on the plan but a separate diagram is provided.

On the reverse side is an index, street maps of Murano and the central part of the Lido (both at 1:8,000), plus a road map of the mainland around Mestre.

Published: 2012

ISBN: 9782067156708