Michelin #110 - Environs de Lyon Zoom

Michelin #110 - Environs de Lyon Zoom Travel Map

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Michelin Zoom Map at a 1:60,000 Scale

The Environs de Lyon (Vicinity near Lyon) is a Michelin Zoom map covering this popular holiday area of France.

This map shows the roads, scenic routes and view areas including road junctions indicating full or partial interchanges, motoring services and rest areas, road gradients, limited height and load restrictions. Rail lines are also shown. Symbols indicate places of interest to tourists.

The Map legend is in several languages including English.

Also included is a street map of central area of Lyon, highlighting main roads and main streets. One way streets are marked. A short index lists the streets named on the map.

Scale: 1:60,000

Published: October 2011

Shown below is the coverage area of the map.The actual map is much more detailed:

ISBN: 9782067149908