Italy Central Road Atlas

Touring Club Italiano Italy Central Road Atlas Travel Map

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An auto touring atlas of Central Italy from the leading mapmaker in Italy

This atlas has a soft cover with sewn sections. It has 168 pages and measures approximately 13 inches by 10 inches. It includes the following features:

Highway Network: 10 pages, packed with information about all the freeways, junctions, service stations with workshops, motels, parking areas, exits with indications of routes and gas stations.

Maps: 57 pages of maps based on an electronic database with National and European street numbers, parks, panoramic roads and historical-artistic localities of interest.

Metropolitan City Areas: 10 maps of the main metropolitan areas with access roads and airport connections.

City Maps:44 detailed maps of the major Italian cities.

This atlas is in Italian, but has legends in five languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

The maps in the atlas are at a scale of 1:200,000. The Metropolitan City Areas are at a scale of 1:80,000.

The maps are colorful and clear with moderately large print for easy reading.

The area covered in this atlas of central Italy is shown below (see white area):

Published: June 2011

ISBN: 9788836568901