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Rick Steves DVDs France DVD + Blu-ray Travel Guide

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Includes two discs - a standard DVD plus a Blu-ray disc for hi definition TV

2 discs inside this package— play the Blu-ray or the DVD!

A Great Value: This 2-disc set gives you the 8 newest, widescreen, hi-def "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows covering France on a Blu-ray disc — plus the same 8 shows on a DVD. It’s a great value, no matter what kind of player you own (or will own in the future)!

Here's where Rick Steves' France 2000-2014 will take you...

  • On the Blu-ray Disc: 8 shows, 4 hours • Paris: Regal and Intimate • Paris: Embracing Life and Art • Highlights of Paris: Eiffel and Monet to Crème Brulée • Normandy: War-Torn Yet Full of Life • Provence: Legendary Light, Wind and Wine • French Riviera: Uniquely Chic • Burgundy: Profoundly French • France's Dordogne (all in 1080i 16x9 hi-def format, not closed captioned)

Package contains 2 Discs - one a standard DVD that can play on any DVD player, a second Blu-ray disc that provides Hi definition video (requires a Blu-ray player)

ISBN: 9781612387246