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Word Smart Genius Edition CDs

Word Smart Genius Edition CDs

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Building a More Educated Vocabulary - Now with More than 150 Words

The fun way to improve English grammar and vocabulary and to improve standardized test scores!

The humorous, irreverent style makes these programs perfect for getting students back into the swing of school. Laugh-out-loud examples, reviews, monologues, and short quizzes make the information easy to absorb.

Words are grouped based on similarity in meanings to help you remember. First, the words are defined and then used in sentences. The words are then used in a short story. The words are pronounced again, with a pause so you can confirm that you know the definition, then the definition is given again and finally used in a sentence.

Do you have a proclivity for sesquipedalian words? Has your prose become ossified because you haven't augmented your vocabulary lately? Here's the perfect pedagogical solution. Word Smart Genius Edition teaches more than 150 of the most interesting and challenging words in the English language.

Perfect for college students, professionals, wordmongers, crossword puzzle devotees, or just plain show-offs, Word Smart Genius Edition informs and instructs in a uniquely entertaining way.

And because this is an audio program, you won't have to wonder about correct pronunciation or embarrass yourself when you try to impress others with your growing mental lexicon.

Improve your vocabulary - while driving, walking, at the gym, wherever ...

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