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Assimil Using French SuperPack - CDs + MP3 + Book

Assimil Using French SuperPack - CDs + MP3 + Book

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Assimil Super Pack - Coursebook with 4CDs plus 1 MP3 CD

Using French has been designed to take you beyond everyday conversation and make you truly at ease with the language and its subtleties. In short, you will go from learning the language to using it!

  • A selection of texts from literature, journalism, politics and daily life
  • Substantial New Vocabulary
  • Idioms and expressions that are vital to mastering the subtleties of French
  • Advance Grammar
  • Systematic revision to consolidate what you have learned
  • A unique, witty style that's tried and tested

Advantages of the MP3 CD:

  • Listen to the lessons and exercises straight through or sentence by sentence
  • Display the corresponding text simultaneously on your smartphone, table, laptop, notebook, etc
  • Access all the recordings on a single MP3 CD

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

You should have completed Assimil New French With Ease or equivalent before starting this course.

Includes 1 course book, 4 audio CDs and 1 MP3 CD