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Ultimate Russian - Basic - Tapes

Ultimate Russian - Basic - Tapes

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Speak, Read, and Write Russian Fluently

Basic-Intermediate Course Developed by the experts at Living Language, this deluxe course has everything you need to speak, understand, read, and write Russian. Ultimate Russian combines conversation with grammar and culture in an easy-to-follow, enjoyable and effective format.

In the Comprehensive 528-page lesson manual, you get 40 lessons with lively, authentic dialogues. You'll learn grammar, vocabulary, and cultural highlights. In the reference sections you'll find a grammar summary with declension tables, examples of business and social letter writing, and a Russian-English and English to Russian glossary.

On the 8 60-minute cassettes you'll immerse yourself in Russian. Listen and repeat with the all-Russian recordings. Follow along in the manual, which includes English translations.

Then practice on the go. Review what you've learned and expand on what you've learned. An English-speaking instructor guides you through each lesson. There is no required reading with these Russian/English recordings. And, you can learn in your car, at the gym, while jogging, anywhere!

This course is the equivalent of a two year college-level course in Russian.

8 Audio Cassettes (60 MINUTES EACH) and Textbook by Living Language Basic-Intermediate Level