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Ultimate French Review and Practice

Ultimate French Review and Practice

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For Intermediate and Advanced Learners

The Quickest, most convenient way to master French grammar!

The best way to learn French is through a firm grasp of grammar, which will build your confidence in accurate and confident communication. Based on the best-selling Ultimate French Review and Practice book, this two-CD set combines the critically acclaimed features of that grammar guide with the many advantages of audio learning. Portable and packed with dozens of skill-building exercises, this Ultimate audio package lets you practice and fine-tune your mastery of French grammar whenever and wherever you want - at the gym, on the road, or even as you run errands.

From the present-tense conjugation of regular verbs to the pluperfect and conditional tenses, from noun gender to relative clauses, the Ultimate French review and Practice CD Edition covers all the basics for intermediate and advanced learners.It provides the quickest, most convenient way to master French grammar by giving you:

  • Two 75-minute audio CDs featuring 45 interactive exercises
  • A helpful English narration that guides you step by step through each exercise
  • Mode Q&A to follow for every exercise
  • A pause after every question for your response, followed by the correct answer
  • 22 dictation exercises unique to this CD edition
  • A 48-page booklet containing all the exercises and answers in written form

With this 2 audio-CD package, you will master French grammar for confident communication.