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Speaking Irish (DVD Edition)

Speaking Irish (DVD Edition)

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Take a big step toward fluency in Irish - For Intermediate to Advanced Learners of Irish

Speaking Irish is a unique opportunity to sharpen your listening and conversational skills in the company of speakers from all corners of Ireland. Filmed on location throughout Ireland, the DVD features authentic, unrehearsed interviews with more than twenty Irish speakers, representing all three regional dialects.

Just put the disc in your DVD player, and your journey begins. Hear Aoife weigh the pros and cons of life in Dublin as opposed to the Irish countryside. Listen to Máirín describe a good friend. Learn about Gaelic games and their place in the community from Donncha. And enjoy animated discussions of other topics like family, education, the environment, the Gaeltacht, and the Irish in America.

The companion book provides a transcript of all the interviews, plus extensive exercises and notes on vocabulary, grammar, regional variations, and more.

Speaking Irish has three main aims:

  1. to help learners improve their comprehension skills
  2. to provide learners and teachers wit stimulating and interesting materials
  3. to give learners the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a variety of dialects and with how Irish is spoken in everyday life in Ireland

The materials in the book are designed for private or self-study, although teachers will also find the explanatory notes and the exercises useful.

Includes 120-minute DVD with hardback textbook, 225 pages.