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Spanish for the Pharmacy

Spanish for the Pharmacy

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Learn the specific Spanish Language commands, statements, and questions that will help you serve your Spanish-speaking clients.

Spanish for the Pharmacy contains 86 pages and two audio CDs with over 300 phrases, commands and questions related to prescription and non-prescription sales.

With Spanish for the Pharmacy, you will be able to do the following in Spanish:

  • Express client privacy issues
  • Receive information relative to a prescription drop-off or pick-up
  • Collect personal and insurance information
  • Handle workman's compensation prescriptions
  • Facilitate prescription refills
  • Describe the proper administration and dosage of medicines
  • Assist clients with their non-prescription needs
  • Finalize a sale at the cash register

Special Features of the Book:

  • Entirely self-instructional
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish required
  • User-friendly format
  • Job–specific language for pharmacy staff
  • Reviewed by pharmacy staff and native Spanish speakers
  • Two accompanying audio CDs
  • Non-grammar based
  • Unique Command Spanish®, Inc. phonetic encoding
  • Cross-cultural information
  • Numerous glossaries

Book plus 2 Audio CDs