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Spanish For Real Estate Agents

Spanish For Real Estate Agents

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Helping English-Speaking Real Estate Agents Better Serve the Spanish-Speaking Property Buyer

Spanish for Real Estate Agents contains a 74 page book and two audio CDs with over 250 phrases, commands and questions related to purchasing a home.

With Spanish for Real Estate Agents, you will be able to do the following in Spanish:

  • Welcome/receive potential property buyers
  • Interview clients to determine their needs
  • Discuss financial issues, such as applying for a mortgage loan
  • Conduct follow-up interviews
  • Determine and/or readjust buyer's price range
  • Provide detailed property descriptions
  • Prepare buyer for property visits and set appointments
  • Provide commentary about a property during the visit
  • Describe issues relative to closing and finalizing a sale

Special Features of the Book:

  • Entirely self-instructional
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish required
  • User-friendly format
  • Job–specific language for real estate agents
  • Reviewed by practicing real estate agents and native Spanish speakers
  • Two accompanying audio CDs
  • Non-grammar based
  • Cross-cultural information
  • Glossary specific to buying a home