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Spanish for Ophthalmologists

Spanish for Ophthalmologists

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Learn only the Spanish phrases, commands, and questions needed to allow you to treat and diagnose your Spanish-speaking Patients

Spanish for Ophthalmologists contains 86 pages and two audio CDs with over 350 phrases, commands and questions related to ophthalmologic services.

With Spanish for Ophthalmologists, you will be able to do the following in Spanish:

  • Welcome and receive patients
  • Use common expressions to guide conversations
  • Collect personal, medical, and insurance information from the patient
  • Conduct a primary assessment
  • Perform an ophthalmologic eye exam
  • Deliver and explain diagnoses and treatments
  • Provide assistance to children and their parents
  • Dismiss patients from the office

Special Features of the Book:

  • Entirely self-instructional
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish required
  • User-friendly format
  • Job–specific language for ophthalmologists
  • Reviewed by practicing ophthalmologists and native Spanish speakers
  • Two accompanying audio CDs
  • Non-grammar based
  • Unique Command Spanish®, Inc. phonetic encoding
  • Cross-cultural information
  • Glossary specific to eye examinations

Book plus 2 Audio CDs