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Spanish for Children - Book + CDs

Spanish for Children - Book + CDs

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Fun, Activity-based Langauge Learning

Spanish for Children is a unique language program that introduces children to the excitement of the Spanish language and makes them feel that learning another language and understanding a second culture are enriching and fun experiences.

Designed for children by leading language experts, Spanish for Children includes the following features:

The 80-page activity book, whimsically illustrated to enhance the learning experience, offers:

  • A complete language course
  • A wide range of activities
  • Games
  • Spanish-language songs
  • Information about the Spanish-speaking world
  • The cartoon adventures of Supergato

Two 60-minute CDs feature:

  • Numerous activities drawn from the Activity Book
  • Additional activities created especially for the CDs
  • The songs of all units
  • Each exciting episode of the adventures of Supergato

An easy-to-follow recording for adults that includes:

  • Tips for helping children get the most out of the program
  • Additional games and activities
  • All the program songs conveniently collected together
  • The exciting adventures of Supergato read aloud for added enjoyment

Includes a colorful Activity Book, Two Language CDs, PLUS a Parent/Instructor's Guide on CD