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SAT French

SAT French

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Book with Audio CD

Ten practice SAT II tests with answers and explanations, grammar and vocabulary reviews and Listening Comprehension on the CD. This new edition is divided into nine parts:

Part I contains a diagnostic test modeled on the actual French SAT test. Used with the analysis charts, answer keys and explained answers, it will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Part II contains nine more practice tests. That makes ten full-length practice tests in all.

Part III contains additional reading comprehension passages and visual material with questions based on them to give you extra practice.

Part IV is a mini-review book that contains the essentials of French grammar, extensive vocabularies including synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and idiomatic expressions, sentence structure, use of verbs and tenses, and other basic elements that are always found on the actual SAT II test.

Part V is a new feature consisting of definitions of basic grammatical terms with examples in English and French.

Part VI contains the Listening Comprehension test and Part VII contains the complete compact disc script of the listening test.

Part VIII consists of a French-English Vocabulary and Part IX contains a detailed index to help you make the best possible use of this book.

400 page paper-back book with Audio CD