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Spanish Evening Class

Spanish Evening Class

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The Effective Alternative to Part-time Courses

Bring the classroom home and learn Spanish in your favorite easy chair!

You don't have the time to commit to a class, with more hours of study at home. Fortunately, Teach Yourself Your Evening Class: Spanish gives you your own personal professor in the form of 10 audio CDs, who walks you through 30 lessons--enough to fill a year's worth of courses at an established school.

It gives you a complete program of lessons to learn Spanish--for travel, for business, or for personal advancement.

Teach Yourself Your Evening Class: Spanish includes:

  • 30 lessons--the equivalent to a year's worth of classes with comprehensive workbooks and accompanying audio material
  • 10 32-page workbooks--each workbook includes a variety of engaging exercises that entertain you as you learn the language, as well as special sections that bring the Spanish-speaking world to life
  • 10 60-minute CDs provide an instructor-led, evening class-like atmosphere to language learning
  • A 144-page study guide/reference book guides you through the course with comfort and confidence
  • A website for the series that includes updates and reader forums

This course teaches Spanish with an emphasis on the Spanish spoken in Spain.

Be inspired and make the most of your free time. This is a great value -a year's worth of learning for less than the price of a college semester!