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VocabuLearn Russian

VocabuLearn Russian

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Instant Vocabulary

Here is a natural way to learn a foreign language. Experts agree. VocabuLearn is the most effective language learning system ever developed.

Whether you are a student or traveler, you will soon be able to express yourself quickly and easily. VocabuLearn presents useful vocabulary words (the building blocks of language) and expressions designed to greatly increase comprehension and improve pronunciation of the foreign language.

Plus, VocabuLearn's unique reversible/bilingual format allows non-English speaking students to learn English in the same way that English speakers learn Russian.

This audio tape set takes all the fear out of learning a foreign language. You learn over 1,500 words and expressions in each level with clear, dialect-free presentation.

The course includes 3 levels for students of all abilities.

Level 1: Emphasis on vocabulary and common expressions.

Level 2: Expanded vocabulary with new expressions.

Level 3: Advanced vocabulary and more complex expressions.

You get six 90-minute audio cassettes for a total of 9 hours instruction.

Plus, there are 3 booklets with complete recorded text in English and Russian.

Over 1 million sold! 6 Audio Cassettes and 3 Full-Text Word Lists by Penton Overseas.