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Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement with Audio CD

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement with Audio CD

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Essential Words and Phrases for Police Officers and Law Enforcement Personnel

The most accessible Spanish language guide for police officers and law enforcement officials

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement makes it easier than ever for you to acquire basic Spanish language skills. The book features more than 2,000 key words and phrases in the most easy-to-use format, along with bilingual scenarios based on situations commonly encountered during the course of your duties.

The only Spanish-language guide exclusively for those sworn to protect and serve

There's no substitute for clear communication when you're on the job. That's why in an America where one in five citizens speaks Spanish, it is vitally important that all law enforcement professionals possess basic Spanish-language skills. Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement makes it easier than ever for you to acquire those skills with a bottom-line format that uses simple language.

Written by an author who has been teaching Spanish to law enforcement professionals for more than a decade, this compact quick-reference guide arms you with all the essential Spanish words and phrases you need to do your job. More important, it gives them to you in the context of dozens of real-life scenarios--from a traffic accident to a criminal trespass, from a homicide to a disturbing the peace call.

A Spanish-language guide for true American heroes, Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement delivers:

  • Includes a 60-minute Audio CD
  • More than 2,000 words and phrases in a concise, easy-to-navigate phrasebook format
  • Important vocabulary for patrol, investigations, narcotics, jail, fish and game, dispatch, and more
  • Pronunciation keys that get you speaking with confidence right away
  • Easy-to-use phonetic translations of Spanish words
  • Bilingual dialogs based on a wide range of real-life scenarios
  • A bilingual Miranda warning and important field interview questions
  • Useful information on Latino culture, survival tips, and street Spanish

Paperback book, 287 pages PLUS a 60-minute Audio CD