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Quick and Easy Medical Spanish

Quick and Easy Medical Spanish

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Learn the Spanish words and phrases critical to your healthcare job in no time flat!

Even if you don't have any Spanish language experience, McGraw-Hill’s Quick and Easy Medical Spanish helps you master most of the Spanish vocabulary and grammar basics you need to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. The most accessible guide on the market, this fully integrated, hands-on workbook/audio CD package guides you step-by-step through the four language skills--reading, writing, speaking, and listening--and features a plethora of written and oral exercises, sample dialogs, and role-playing exercises that reinforce learning and instill confidence.

As a dedicated medical professional, you know that clear communication is a cornerstone of the healer's art. That's why in an America where nearly one in ten patients speaks Spanish, it is vitally important that every medical professional has at least rudimentary Spanish-language skills. McGraw-Hill's Quick and Easy Medical Spanish makes it easier than ever for you to acquire those skills.

The next best thing to a private tutor, McGraw-Hill's Quick and Easy Medical Spanish combines a hands-on workbook with a fully integrated audio CD tutorial to provide you with a natural, highly efficient way to master all the Spanish vocabulary and grammar you need to do your job.

Created by a twenty-year veteran Spanish instructor, it coaches you in reading, writing, speaking, and listening-and is ideal for beginners with no prior Spanish language experience, as well as those looking to brush up on their high school or college Spanish.

The most accessible, easy-to-use medical Spanish primer available, McGraw-Hill's Quick and Easy Medical Spanish delivers:

  • More than 1,000 key Spanish words and phrases, presented bilingually
  • Real-life dialogs based on common medical situations
  • Written and oral exercises to help you gauge your progress and build mastery
  • Role-playing exercises to reinforce skills and instill confidence
  • An audio CD that walks you step-by-step through all the basics

Paperback Book, 156 pages with Audio CD