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On Demand Spanish

On Demand Spanish

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5 Hours of Easy-to-Learn Spanish - Simply plug in the earphones, press play and Learn!

It's a new era in language learning. Includes the Audio Player, the earphones and the learning program!

Now it's easier and more convenient than ever to learn Spanish whenever and wherever you like. Just plug in earphones, press play, and enjoy. The Berlitz approach makes learning Spanish effortless and fun - the On Demand digital audio player makes it easier than ever.

  • Start, stop, and pause with just one click.
  • Learn how to introduce yourself, tell time, order in a restaurant, shop, ask for prices, talk about your family, ask for directions or information, get around town, and much more-in 31 chapters.
  • Cultural information and pronunciation .
  • 300+ useful expressions for emergencies and other situations

You can use the On Demand Spanish digital audio player with any digital music player speakers, headphones. and stereo systems using mini-jacks. Uses a single replaceable AAA battery (supplied). Perfect for travel or home.

Everything you need to learn Spanish. This product includes the player, the program and the earphones. Just plug in the earphones, press PLAY on the included player and you'll be learning Spanish in no time!