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Magic French for Kids CD

Magic French for Kids CD

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A Perfect Accent for Kids 2 - 6

Stories • Games • Songs

Created especially for 2-6 year olds – the best age to learn languages.

Beth Manner's Magic French for Kids teaches over 100 French words and phrases, and conjugates verbs.

Developed with the help of parents, French teachers and young children, this child-tested audio really teaches and is really fun.

What you will hear:

Young children love to learn languages and "Magic French" sends them on a magical adventure with little Bobby and his French speaking friend, Marie.

When they encounter the mysterious Madame Magique - "a secret lady with magic powers," they ask her to use her powers to transport them to France!

Bobby and Marie arrive in Paris...

and see Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine. They meet a French-speaking cat who informs them that Madame Magique has lost her magic powers. So they must go to Versailles to find the "Magic Flowers" to restore Madame Magique’s powers.

Along the way, they bargain with the French-speaking bird, play a really silly game and sing original songs -- all the while learning vocabulary, verbs, phrases, the alphabet and French culture.

  • Winner of a Dr. Toy Award
  • Winner of a Parent's Choice Approved Award