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Maximum English

Maximum English

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Everything You Need to Speak and Understand English

Maximum English provides you with all the tools you need to maximize your English learning experience.

Whether you're an intermediate student of English or an advanced student looking to expand your skills, Maximum English will help you tackle grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and comprehension from all angles, to allow you to become a confident speaker of English.

The Maximum English package includes:

  • 3 books — Advanced Grammar, Idioms, and English verbs
  • 7 audio CDs
  • 1 bonus CD-ROM featuring vocabulary flashcards
  • 1 free 6-month pass to Living Language English Online Level 1 (access to free online lessons available to U.S. residents only)

Book 1: Advanced Grammar. Become confident in advanced grammar, idiomatic expression, cultural understanding, and pronunciation with these 20 lessons. This is the English you need to sound more natural and become more fluent.

Book 2: Idioms. Master hundreds of useful and common idiomatic expressions in natural context - at home or on the go. Simple definitions, natural dialogues, and plenty of examples.

Book 3: Verbs. An invaluable desk reference and skill builder featuring 125 verb reference charts with all the conjugations, an index of more than 2,000 of the most essential English verbs, and 40 lesson son verb conjugation.

Seven Audio CDs: Featuring the most essential content from Books 1 and 2 - more than 7 hours of audio to help you improve pronunciation and listening comprehension.

A Bonus Flashcard CD-ROM: Test your English with these interactive audio flashcards. (Works under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Macintosh System OS X).

FREE 6-month pass to English Online Level 1: English Online level 1 is an interactive course in basic English that covers everything you need - vocabulary, grammar, clear explanations and examples, plenty of practice and internet-based immersion activities.

Maximum English - from the folks at Living Language. They provide a proven and simple approach to language learning. No phony gimmicks or fad techniques. Millions have learned a new language with Living Language.