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Let's Sing & Learn in Spanish

Let's Sing & Learn in Spanish

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Make Learning Spanish Fun for Kids Through Music

All children adore music, so why not tap into this affinity to get them hooked on foreign language learning? That's precisely what the unique "Let's Sing and Learn in Spanish" does.

With a songbook of twenty original melodies, Let's Sing and Learn in Spanish teaches basic Spanish vocabulary and expressions in a fresh, exciting way. Instead of trying to memorize greetings, numbers, colors, and days and months, children will enjoy the fun of putting them to music. While singing "Los Meses del Año" (The Months of the Year), not only will children be actively engaged, but the lessons learned will stay with them much longer as they associate new words with easy-to-remember rhythms and beats.

Features include:

  • Songbook of 20 original tunes that will have your child, aged 3 to 6, singing in Spanish in no time
  • English translation of lyrics to build your child's Spanish vocabulary
  • Simple chords and musical notation that allow you to accompany your child on guitar or piano
  • Child singers on the CD who model proper Spanish pronunciation and intonation
  • Twenty-Five minute CD that allows for easy song location and quick replay

Includes 21 page Songbook and Audio CD