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Listen & Learn French

Listen & Learn French

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Two CDs with over 700 Useful Phrases & Sentences in both Frnech and English

Designed to meet the needs of people with limited study time, this series utilizes the phrase method advocated by most language authorities as the fastest and most efficient approach.

Featuring 2 CDs and a manual, each set contains 90 minutes of speech: English, then the French equivalent followed by a pause for repetition.


  • Two CDs with hundreds of useful phases and sentences spoken in both French and English
  • Listen and repeat methodology - the proven way to learn vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Complete 64-page manual with every lesson on the CD plus phonetic pronunciation guide and word/phrase index

Learn French in your car, on a plane, anywhere you can carry your CD player. Contains a remarkable amount of material at a very affordable price!

Booklet with 2 Audio CDs