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iSpeak Spanish Beginner's Course MP3 for your iPod

iSpeak Spanish Beginner's Course MP3 for your iPod

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10 Steps to Learn Spanish on your iPod

The revolutionary program that helped you speak Spanish instantly now helps you learn the language quickly and easily.

Now the “translator in your pocket” becomes the language teacher of your dreams! You can see and hear Spanish and learn it at your own pace.This interactive program is organized around 10 essential travel-related topics such as finding a bed, getting connected, and buying stuff. Each subject is taught through a set of six modules: dialogs, key words, interactive practice, grammar points, quizzes, and reviews.

Using the iPod's user-friendly interface, you navigate quickly and easily from topic to topic. With the Playlist feature and the Ratings tool, you can keep track of topics you have already mastered and highlight areas that you need to revisit. Includes a 2-1/2 hour MP3 audio CD.

Table of contents

  • 01 Getting Around
  • 02 Getting Fed
  • 03 Finding a Bed
  • 04 Getting Connected
  • 05 Having Fun
  • 06 Making Small Talk
  • 07 Buying Stuff
  • 08 Finding Work
  • 09 Getting Sick
  • 10 Getting out of Trouble

Listen to Spanish in a real-life setting; understand grammar basics; review with interactive audio. You can create your own playlist of troublesome words or tricky grammar points.

For use on iPod, iPod nano, iPhone and Zune. Requires 150 MB free space. Comes on one MP3 audio disc and a 48-page booklet.