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iSpeak French Verbs MP3 For Your iPOD

iSpeak French Verbs MP3 For Your iPOD

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You're just a few clicks away from conquering verbs

Especially designed for the iPod, iSpeak French Verbs goes beyond ordinary drill books and enables you to customize your learning experience, visualize your verbs, and hear their conjugations.

  • Go to “Artist”--Choose the verb group you want (-er, -ir, -re, irregular, pronominal, and impersonal).
  • Go to “Album”--Select your verb within the group.
  • Select the verbs you want to hear--See your verb's infinitive, its translation, and its conjugation and hear all the conjugation forms. Missed something? Just click and repeat tracks as many times as you need. Or create your own playlist to help you master the most vexing verbs.

With iSpeak, you are in control!

For use on your: iPod * iPod nano * iPhone * Zune

Screen images will vary among iPod models.

Contains one MP3 audio disc and 64-page booklet.
Requires 330MB of free space.