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iSpeak French Phrasebook MP3 for your iPod

iSpeak French Phrasebook MP3 for your iPod

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The Ultimate Audio/Visual French Phrasebook

See it. Hear it. Speak it.

Turn your iPod into a portable translator and put 1,500 French phrases in your pocket.

Instead of just listening to the latest hits, you can use your iPod to hear and see 1,500 essential French phrases. It's as simple as listening to a song by your favorite artist:

  • Go to “Artist”--Choose the theme you want.
  • Go to “Album”--Select your topic within the theme.
  • Select the phrase you want to hear—you will not only hear the phrase but see it on your iPod screen!

Traveling has never been so easy nor sounded so good!

Designed for use with iPod.

Also compatible with Zune and most MP3 players. See manual for details.

Contains one MP3 audio disc and 64-page booklet.