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Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary

Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary

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Learn & Remember Spanish FASTER than You Ever Imagined!

When learning Spanish, one of the hardest tasks you face is remembering new words. Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary presents on two CDs a technique for learning and recalling vocabulary that has been scientifically proven up to three times more effective than conventional methods.

Spanish words and their English meaning are linked by verbal images to help you learn, and, most importantly, periodic testing ensures that you retain the vocabulary. Topics include food and drink, clothing, traveling, family, numbers, and time.

No matter what level you are at -- a young student or a older traveler -- Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary will teach you 200 key words and phrases, as well as providing a method that can be adapted for learning many more.

Developed by memory expert Dr. Michael M. Gruneberg, Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary offers a proven method that provides easy-to-remember word pictures to help you recall words in Spanish--instantly. All you need to do is listen, picture the images, and then respond to the tests--and you'll learn 200 basic words and phrases faster than you ever imagined possible.

Think of an image in your mind's eye for about ten seconds.

  • The Spanish for soup is sopa . Imagine a soup that tastes like soap .
  • The Spanish for rice is arroz . Imagine someone shooting arrows that land in your plate of rice.
  • The Spanish for cheese is queso . Imagine a case o' cheese.
  • The Spanish for bread is pan . Imagine loaves of bread stuffed in a pan.

Now, what are the Spanish words for bread, cheese, rice , and soup?

Studies have shown how fast and easy this course is: Students have achieved remarkable results up to three times quicker than through conventional methods. For travelers wanting to be able to communicate abroad and for those having difficulty learning basic Spanish at school or in class, Instant Recall Spanish Vocabulary is the quick way to success.