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Immersion Plus German

Immersion Plus German

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The final Step to Fluency

This program provides complete immersion in the German language that will:

  • Ramp up German conversational skills …anywhere, anytime
  • Introduce useful idiomatic phrases
  • Develop German fluency

Innovative audio format rapidly improves comprehension:

  • Multiple native speakers engage in a variety of conversations
  • Listeners hear each dialogue three times: first at a natural conversational pace, next spoken slowly and distinctly, then repeated at the natural pace
  • Incorporates a medley of contexts and regional accents

The audio CDs are entirely in German. No English at all. The accompanying listening guide provides the complete German text and an English translation.

Over 3 Hours of Audio on 3 CDs

Please Note: The Audio Sample is presented at normal conversational speed. In the actual product, this dialogue is repeated at slower rate.