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Instant Immersion French Audio Deluxe

Instant Immersion French Audio Deluxe

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Audio and Software Course in One Package at an incredible low cost!

Designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience while in a foreign country, the Instant Immersion French course fully prepares you for interaction among native French speakers.

Developed by university professors and linguistic experts, this thorough curriculum moves you from a beginning speaking level to an intermediate level, fast - simply hear the words in French, their English translation, and then repeat.

Starting with a complete phonetic introduction to the alphabet (each sound is also demonstrated with a vocabulary term), this 8 CD suite focuses on building a strong vocabulary base of commonly used terms. Each advancing CD includes concepts from the previous lessons, ensuring you'll retain each core principle.

As you progress, you'll easily apply verbs and vocabulary terms to informal and formal dialogue. In addition, the cultural notes introduce you to ethnic foods, French traditions, and appropriate etiquette that will benefit you while traveling. From greetings and questions to food and days of the week, this course is the quickest and easiest available for confidently speaking the French language.

There is also an audio Course guide on CD-ROM for your computer. This CD-ROM presents a complete, printable transcript of the audio lessons. Follow along on your computer as you listen to the audio CDs or brush up your skills between CDs, with the entire script of your curriculum accessible in user-friendly Portable Document Form (PDF).

Lastly, there is a CD-ROM with Talk Now French, a computer French course that keys into your natural language-learning ability by offering comprehensive fundamental vocabulary and accurate pronunciation in a fun, user-friendly format. (This course is compatible with both Windows [Windows 98/2000/XP] and Macintosh computers [OS 10.1 or later]). You could pay $29.95 for just this computer course!

On 8 Audio CDs, plus 2 computer CD-ROMs for a total of 10 discs.