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Assimil Hungarian With Ease - CDs

Assimil Hungarian With Ease - CDs

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Learn with Europe's Finest Language Source

In Depth:
With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, 500 words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number of colloquial, grammatical and cultural expressions, you will be able, upon completion, to practice your newly-acquired language in a fluent, lively and effective manner.

Travel Companion:
Even before completing your Assimil courses, you will have acquired, with the first 20 or 30 lessons, enough of a base in the language to understand and start conversing at a level of effectiveness far superior to that supplied by phrase book or similar travel aids.

A Review:
Assimil is also an excellent tool for those who read the language already and want to keep up or improve their hearing and speaking ability.

Since it pioneered in this field 60 years ago, and after millions of methods sold World-Wide, Assimil has always been at the forefront of Foreign Language Self-Teaching.

Because of the overall seriousness, thoroughness and caliber of the "Assimil with Ease" approach, Assimil has no match in the crowded field of self-teaching methods.

This course takes users from absolute beginning to having a solid base in Hungarian within six months, and to feel comfortable with the language in as little as three months. In only half an hour a day users will move ahead naturally until they are at ease with all the basic structures needed for communication and become familiar with the basic words and grammar of Hungarian.

The method comprises two phases: the passive phase, in which users simply repeat what they hear and read, and the active phase, in which users begin to create sentences and imagine themselves in a variety of everyday situations.

Includes 1 Course book with 85 lessons and 4 CDs (approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes)