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Household Spanish

Household Spanish

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How to Communicate with your Spanish Employees

Words, phrases, and expressions in Spanish for English speakers who employ Hispanics in the home. This 288-page book and three audio CD package is a user-friendly program for English speakers who need to communicate with Latinos emplyed in the household.

Household Spanish doesn't stress rules of grammar. You simply open the book, listen to the CDs, and pick up practical Spanish with minimal preparation.

Features include:

  • Practical words, phrases, and Spanish expressions
  • Spoken dialogues that re-create actual household situations
  • Specialized vocabulary lists, exercises, review sections,and helpful information on Spanish culture
  • An English-Spanish, Spanish-English dictionary This is a simple, clear, entertaining guide designed to be picked up and used immediately.

Converse with Hispanics even if you aren't fluent in Spanish. Aak questions, give answers and direction, and more!

  • Could you go to the store please? ¿Puede ir a la tienda por favor?
  • Did anyone call today? ¿Llamó alguien hoy?
  • Good job! ¡Qué buen trabajo hizo!
  • What time is dinner? ¿A qué hora es la cena?
288-page Book with 3 Audio CDs