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Home & Garden Spanish CDs

Home & Garden Spanish CDs

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Hundreds of Useful Words & Phrases for House and Garden Activities

The words, phrases and sentences needed to talk about everyday topics around the home and in the garden.

With so many programs that focus on travel vocabulary, Home & Garden Spanish offers a unique opportunity to enable language learners of all levels to explain and comprehend conversation about household activities, cooking, laundry, and child care, as well as all activities relating to garden care and maintenance.

At Home topics include: Cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms; laundry; food preparation; childcare; personal and household emergencies, domestic employment.

Around the garden topics include: Using tools and equipment, planting activities, garden maintenance, picking fruits and vegetables, equipment and tool care, safety and first aid, as well as hiring and work schedules.

The listening guide includes additional pronunciation help as well as extra vocabulary organized by type.

2 60-minute Audio CDs and Comprehensive Listening Guide.