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French with Professor Toto DVD - Part I

French with Professor Toto DVD - Part I

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Book plus DVD - Professor Toto is FUN and it Works!

Meet Professor Toto and discover why he's uniquely qualified to teach your child a foreign language.

Experts Agree! The key to learning a language is an early start. The Professor Toto Language Education Series was developed by the renowned educator François Thibaut and uses his proven, child-tested Thibaut Technique, taught by The Language Workshop for Children for more than 30 years. It's not only fun, it also really works!

Watch & Learn with Professor Toto Part I: Eric Goes to School contains:

  • A DVD featuring Professor Toto's class. Laugh, learn and discover vocabulary for animals, clothes, colors, food, counting, actions and more! Professor Toto's class will even watch a movie about Eric and his day!
  • Two complete scripts in English and the target language.
  • A Parent's Guide.

Your child will learn new words and songs in every DVD with the Watch and Learn with Professor Toto series.

For ages 2 - 10

Also available French Part II