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French on the Move

French on the Move

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The Lively Audio Language Program for Busy People

A fun, innovative new approach to learning French naturally for people ON THE MOVE!

Sure, you'd love to learn French, but let's face it, in today's hurry-up, multi-tasking world, who's got time?

The next best thing to a year in Provence, this powerful three-CD program teaches by immersing you in the French language the way it's really spoken. Here's how it works: You re guided through manageable sets of key vocabulary words, complete with sound effects. While the sound effects help you retain new words, innovative language games offer a fun way to test and review what you've learned. Along the way, you'll periodically drop in on the lives of Pierre and Isabelle. From one compelling installment of their story to the next, you hear French in action, the way it's really spoken, while subtly building your French language skills.

Designed for your busy lifestyle, French on the Move features:

  • Inventive, fun language games
  • A dramatic storyline that lets you hear French in action
  • Real-life quick-takes that show the natural pace of the language
  • A handy listening guide to the audio recordings

Learning French doesn't have to be a frustrating, time-consuming labor. On the ground or in the air, during your lunch break or between meetings, French on the Move lets you acquire French basics on your terms and according to your busy schedule - naturally, efficiently, and enjoyably.

  • This program is ideal for beginners
  • Learn in your spare moments
  • Includes conversations for everyday situations
  • Gets you speaking with confidence - fast

Includes 3 sixty-minute CDs and a listening guide