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French on the Go - CDs

French on the Go - CDs

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3 Audio CDs with Dialogue Booklet

This updated CD audio program emphasizes French speaking and listening comprehension on a fundamental level, which makes it an ideal self-teaching tool for learning in a car, international travelers, as well as good supplementary material in school language labs.

No textbooks are needed, which makes On the Go perfect for learning while driving, out jogging, traveling in a plane, on a train, or going just about anywhere. All that’s needed is a CD player. Here are just some of the advantages language learners enjoy with On the Go:

  • Listen to spoken dialogues in the target language—then join the conversation! Learn by listening and imitating. It’s the natural way to master every language. In fact, it’s the way we all first learned English!
  • No dull textbooks—no grammar lessons to study. Learners can pace themselves, picking up words and expressions at their own speed from compact discs or tapes. If they like, they can follow the dialogue by reading the program’s enclosed booklet, which also features a handy vocabulary list!
  • For business and vacation travel. International travelers learn needed phrases for hotels, restaurants, shopping, and sight-seeing. Just as important, they learn to comprehend what others are saying to them in the target language.
  • More instruction for the dollar. Three one-hour On the Go audio CDs offer more learning time for the dollar than comparable programs from the competitors.

On the Go language learning programs each offer approximately 180 minutes of audio CD instruction.