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French Made Easy For Beginners

French Made Easy For Beginners

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The fundamentals of modern French - speaking, reading, and writing.

The textbook introduces rules of grammar and usage, a bilingual dictionary,and is color illustrated. A set of two 40 minute cassettes dramatize activities based on everyday experiences and improve listening comprehension skill.

Designed especially for grades 9 -10. If you have never studied French - or if you have and you've forgotten most of what you learned in school - the French Made Easy course is for you.

This course has 45 lessons on 2 cassettes - to help you understand and develop basic speaking skills quickly and easily. You will learn:

• French grammatical structures
• Key expressions and vocabulary used by French people in everyday life
• The authentic sounds and accent of the language
• The French and their culture.
The accompanying 320-page book features:
• Frequent tests to help you monitor your progress.
• Grammar summary
• Verb charts, illustrations throughout
• Mini dictionary with more than 1000 words (French/English and English/French)