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Fluent English

Fluent English

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Advanced ESL for Speakers of Any Language

ESL (English as a Second Language) students who reach an intermediate level of English don’t need endless drills in grammar or tedious vocabulary lists; they need to learn how to make their English sound natural.

Fluent English is the ideal course for developing native-like fluency in English. It focuses on the essentials—idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, practical vocabulary expansion, and grammar usage in context—and builds listening comprehension as well as pronunciation and intonation skills.

Fluent English targets the real needs of higher-level students of English:

  • Communicate effectively with friends & colleagues
  • Sound Natural by using idiomatic expressions
  • Master pronunciation & listening comprehension
  • Speak English Fluently

Students will find numerous opportunities to practice speaking, listening, writing, and reading English. They’ll also learn essential information about living and working in the United States. This affordable program—which comes complete with a 224-page textbook and three hours of recordings on three CDs—offers language learners the perfect opportunity to hone their language skills effectively and economically.

224-page textbook with 3 Audio CDs