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E-Z Spanish

E-Z Spanish

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Learn to Understand Spanish as it is Spoken | Learn to Make Yourself Understood

E-Z Spanish is one in a series of self-teaching language programs designed especially for travelers. They teach basic vocabulary and grammar, but emphasize conversational skills—both speaking and listening comprehension.

Each program is, as the series title indicates, designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge of the language. However, these courses are more than mere quick-phrase teachers. They provide international travelers with a solid foundation in a new language, upon which learners can develop fluency with practice and experience.

E-Z Spanish comes in a package consisting of a color-illustrated book and four compact discs. Compact discs present dialogues depicting typical situations for travelers in Spain or Latin America. Each book makes constant reference to the audio dialogues on compact discs but also offers basic grammar instruction, added practice material, and a bilingual word list.

  • Four 74-minute CDs familiarize you with the sound of spoken Spanish in typical travel situations
  • Illustrated text teaches you the language in short, easy lessons featuring labeled diagrams, brief quizzes, and information about Spanish culture
  • Book contains all dialogues that you hear on the CDs
  • A summary of Spanish grammar helps you comprehend the language
  • An extensive vocabulary list includes cross-references to the lessons where each new word is introduced.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spanish taught in this course is the Spanish spoken in SPAIN, not Latin America.