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Express Track Spanish - Tapes

Express Track Spanish - Tapes

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A Teach-Yourself Program

This practical program can be used by travelers or students. Instruction is quite intensive, packing a lot of language learning into relatively brief instruction time.

Each package includes a handsome, color-illustrated textbook plus recorded material that is available either on 4 cassettes or Compact Disks.

Books' color photos and illustrations emphasize highlights of Spanish culture, art, cuisine, etc., while the texts cover grammar and language usage in detail and present exercises with answers.

• Four 60-minute cassettes or CDs feature entertaining dialogue by native speakers - and include timed pauses so you can practice speaking by imitating.

• Audio immerses you directly into the Spanish Language. Nearly everything that you hear is spoken in Spanish.

• Handsome full-color photo-packed book helps you to learn Spanish and gives you the flavor that's special to Spain.

• An audio script with translation and supplementary grammar tips helps you keep track of what you're hearing.