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Conversational Russian in 7 Days - CD

Conversational Russian in 7 Days - CD

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Master Language Survival Skills in Just One Week!

With this book and these CDs, you can learn basic conversational Russian in just 7 days.

Conversational Russian in 7 Days is a short course which will equip you to deal with everyday situations when you visit Russia: shopping, eating out, asking for directions, changing money, using the phone, and so on.

Organized to make language learning easy and manageable, Conversational Russian in 7 Days focuses exclusively on the most common, everyday situations you'll encounter in Russia, explains everything in clear, concise English and provides practical, up-to-date cultural information.

It's just what you need to communicate successfully in basic Russian.

  • Key words and phrases for everyday situations such as dining, shopping, and asking for directions
  • Straightforward grammar points and interactive practice exercises
  • An easy-to-use vocabulary list for on-the-spot reference
  • Dialogues and exercises performed by native speakers on the audio CDs

Includes an Illustrated course book with two audio CDs.