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Behind the Wheel German Level 1

Behind the Wheel German Level 1

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Self-Contained All Audio Course with 8 CDs and a Bonus Companion Book

Behind the Wheel German Level 1 covers beginning to intermediate level German, providing a strong, yet flexible foundation for speaking, understanding, and creatively expressing yourself in standard German. The program features an English speaking instructor to guide you through the lessons and a native German speaker to aid with your pronunciation. Includes a companion book to reinforce and enhance the audio experience.

  • Uses a flexible structure that makes even a 10 minute lesson effective;
  • Teaches original sentence building techniques that allow listeners to create their own original sentences (rather than reciting canned phrases);
  • Focuses on high-frequency vocabulary that will be used right away in creating sentences;
  • Offers immediate English translations throughout every lesson (rather than forcing listeners to guess what they are saying);
  • Features both an English speaker to instruct and guide the user and a native speaker to demonstrate authentic use and pronunciation; and,
  • Offers a companion text with a transcript of the audio program plus additional practice exercises.

On 8 Audio CDs plus a companion book featuring sentence building charts and an audio transcript.