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Barrons French - Tapes

Barrons French - Tapes

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The Fast and Fun Way

In just minutes a day, you'll pick up the language you need for most everyday situations - from meeting and greeting people to asking directions to handling simple business transactions.

You'll learn basic vocabulary for: introductions, finding your way, entertainment, dining, shopping, banking, using the telephone and mail services, medical help and emergencies. Plus, you'll learn the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, time, numbers, basic grammar, and even a guide to road signs.

The 240-page illustrated book includes a pronunciation guide that helps you speak. And, the book contains maps, puzzles, quizzes, and color illustrations. A pull-out dictionary also contains a food and drink guide and tipping information.

Vocabulary cards increase your word power. The 4 cassettes let you listen in on the language as it is spoken.

Added features: Quizzes (with answers) to test your growing skills and vocabulary cards for added practice.

4 AUDIO TAPES or CDs and BOOK BY Barrons