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Berlitz German in 30 Days

Berlitz German in 30 Days

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Learn a New Language in 30 Simple Lessons

Berlitz German in 30 Days contains daily lessons designed to fit into your busy schedule - short dialogs in the book and on the audio CD focus on the conversational language you want to learn.

In just one month, you'll be on your way to communicating in German.

Learn the language to:

  • meet and greet
  • shop with ease
  • talk about daily routines
  • have phone conversations
  • order in a restaurant\make small talk
  • get around town
  • talk about your job

German in 30 Days also contains grammar and culture tips, a mini-dictionary and review sections so you can practice what you've learned.

At your fingertips is the language you need to converse easily and confidently - in just one month!

Paperback book with 288 pages and 1 Audio CD