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Assimil Russian with Ease SuperPack - CDs + MP3 + Book

Assimil Russian with Ease SuperPack - CDs + MP3 + Book

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Fantastic Method for Learning Russian from English

Well known and respected throughout Europe, the Assimil method provides short, fun lessons with natural, everyday dialogs. When you finish the course, you will be able to read newspapers and novels with the aid of a dictionary, carry on a conversation, handle transportation issues (like renting a car or riding a bus or train) and rent a hotel room or make a reservation in a restaurant. If you would like to converse with your Russian-speaking in-laws, the Assimil course is ideal because the vocabulary pertains to everyday topics. And you learn this "with ease" and with a great touch of humor. The course is never boring and requires only 30 minutes per day. No wonder that millions of people have learned a new language with Assimil. And so can you!

Assimil is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to learn modern, practical Russian efficiently and naturally.

How does the Assimil method work?
All courses are based on Intuitive Assimilation, an original principle that is both simple and highly effective. Assimil has taken this natural process, through which you learned your own language, and adapted it to their books and audio courses. Working progressively, with natural, lively dialogues, simple text notes and exercises, you will progress steadily to a level where you are able to converse in everyday situations.

  • The first part of the course is the passive phase: you immerse yourself in the language by reading and repeating each lesson.
  • During the second, active phase, you use the structures and reflexes you have already absorbed while continuing to advance and learn.

In just a few months, you will be able to speak Russian easily, fluently and naturally.

What does the course consist of?

  • lively, natural dialogues that allow you to master the language quickly
  • realistic, practical situations in a contemporary context
  • a carefully designed system of grammatical progression for intuitive learning
  • systematic review to consolidate what you have learned
  • fascinating cultural insights
  • a witty and engaging style to make learning enjoyable

The MP3 CD provides:

  • the option of listening to the lessons and exercises continuously or lesson by lesson
  • 1,967 studio-quality mp3 recordings
  • simultaneous text display (depending on mp3 player)

(To make the most of the MP3 portion of this product, please check that your player has sufficient memory to read the above number of recordings. The user's Manual and technical details can be found on the mp3-CD)

This Super Pack includes: