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American Accent Training

American Accent Training

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Speak American English Perfectly!

A Guide to speaking and pronouncing American English for everyone who speaks English as a Second Language! This Book and CD set will guide you to fluency in spoken American English. You begin by getting away from depending on the way words are written in English. Instead you learn to hear again, the way you did as a child learning your own native language! Developing a good accent is really a question of picking up the music of a language. You get the sense of:
• Which words you stress
• Where and how long you pause
• How you run your words together

Here's what some users say about this program:

* "The good thing about this program is that the techniques give me the keys to open the doors on my own from now on". ....Dr. C. C. Chan, Senior Member of IEEE, Director, International Research Center for Electric Vehicles

* "I took pronunciation classes for two years at Princeton, and in my opinion, American Accent Training is far superior"...Dr. Z. Kabala, Hydrologist

* "This is an art! It sounds so beautiful when I say it this way!" ... Liju Su, Business Administration

Take the "pure-sound" approach to speaking. Listen to the rhythms of the spoken language. Imitate the fluid ways of American speech. Americans will understand you better - and you'll understand them better too!

Book with 3 90-minute audio CDs