Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Builder

Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Builder

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Book with 1 Audio CD

Apart from their endings, many words in Brazilian Portuguese are similar to their English counterparts. This unique book identifies the 24 most common word-ending patterns between these languages and provides over 4,000 words that follow them.

Perfect as a classroom supplement or for self-study, this handy reference is appropriate for all ages and levels of experience.

Paperback Book, 214 pages with 1 Audio CD

“This book will certainly further the acquisition of an extended vocabulary for language learners at all levels.” —Professor John Rassias, Dartmouth College

“A very useful tool for students who want to augment their vocabulary skills.” —Professor Fiorenza Weinapple, Princeton University

“Excellent for anyone who wants to learn another language painlessly.” —Dr. James Garrison, President, State of the World Forum